Friday, May 28, 2010

Plentiful Interweb

As the air is full of the stuff buzzing around my head its time to get back on the steady post train I think.

Back into the scene, One day off and it was back in the Trailer getting changed with Panda, who was safely returned by the way.

Hit Hardwood for a few laps of the course, The biggest difference from years past is just how fracking dry it is, I am almost tempted to put on a Karma up front. Bone shaker I don't think has been that sketchy since its debut in 2000. The sand between all the rocks is so loose its hard to just fly through.

Coffee run is dry and dusty, I hate to say it but there are a few corners I'm hitting my e-brake to get my bike to turn major under steer happening on the loose sand over hardpack. May need to take some wedge out.

Two laps solo one lap with Kevin, who again loves to dust me on the decents just to make sure I know whos boss.

Long course for 5 laps by todays standards, I wouldn't be surprised to see a section or two come out this evening.

Saw my trail today its on the course, my name is spelt wrong but whatever.

Oh and its hot.

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