Thursday, May 27, 2010

nothing better

Thursday in the AM, not not much on the docket for today after some non stop riding racing & demoing. Need to get caught up on some Lost, also just saw the robins are back, so I need to get some more stove piping.

Tuesday evening I made it to the ride for a road spin with some people, myself and my legs were craving that. Good ride & coffee afterwards.

Yesterday was getting caught up with the interweb stuff, doing some reports and pics then headed down to Coulson Hill for a Norco Bike demo at the spoke o motion wednesday night series. Setup got the bikes ready said hi to some people who raced back in the day there who have gone off started families and are getting back into the sport with their kids awesome to see. Les Suter reminded me how pumped I was when I first beat him there when I was young, I told him I'm still pumped about it.

The young contingent was out as well Jon, Sean, Jordon ready to make me work for it. Start was good settled in, first few pieces of tight singletrack had me getting dusted, i'm not used to riding in flat fast tight singletrack at 30kph. Lots of fun caught myself with a big smile on my face a few times.

last night, didn't sleep / weird dreams so thats cool,

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