Monday, May 31, 2010

Naps are good

Got some down time and used it to start uploading some pics to facebook, immediately fell asleep with my laptop on my lap as they uploaded.

Much needed, feeling refreshed back to yesterday the start was early 11:30 well relatively early for the elite/junior start. Made it out in good time to get my first surprise of the day, the Norco compound decorated in birthday garb including balloons and a wicked table cloth. Thanks Kevin.

warm up with Peter, may have played mind games, then lined up for the start right side was the key as thats where the line was. Got started thinking ok cool looks like i'm leading this out, until an f-18 came up the left side and gained about 50 meters in the first 75 meters of the course. Ok so I guess im in second.

First lap was good stuck to my plan to sit in as it was going to be a long race. It was that Guatemala thing, felt like I was going to easy but really with the heat was probably going harder than perceived. Derek, Raph and myself gained some ground and headed out for lap two.

I think I led this one for a while until I had a nice little bail, landed more or less on my feet, and continued on my way. Nothing to exciting that I can remember.

Third lap Raph went to front out pine trail, and immediately upped the pace felt like motorpacing for a bit. bombing down coffee run, Raph took a creative line and got a gap on us, then made it past a crashing junior rider on the s turn. The turn shielded our view of this, so Derek and I both got caught off guard with a rider and bike sprawled on the ground. Derek went over, I managed to hug the fence and stay upright. Took both of us a while to get moving, lost some good time.

Set to work closing down the gap managed to get back on heading into "watts on" the effort took a lot out of me, could have maybe done it more gradually but I got a little impatient. With lapped traffic becoming a factor it was going to be key to make good safe passes to stay in good position.

4th lap, pretty steady just cranking along.

5th at about 1:40 I could feel my energy level starting to drop off, and some cramps hinting in my legs. Couldn't recover at all in the first tight singletrack like other laps and thats all she wrote.

I was able to keep them in sight as they continued on, thinking it was going to come down to whoever made the least mistakes would win it. I settled into a nice solo pace, roll the outer kill the inner loop pace to hold on for 3rd. DZ took the win which actually put me in the leaders jersey.

Happy that was my best hardwood canada cup since 2004, had some demons to slay there.

My dark horse pick for the win didn't turn out, good teamish BBQ back here after with Kevin, Sue, and Alexa. Didn't take long for Starbuck to knock Alexa over and make her cry.

Today, junior talent ID camp, Ontario's juniors have talent didn't take long to see that. Good day with Dan Proulx at the helm and a few of us helping out.

storm is rolling in, birthday cake is still in the fridge. mmmm

up next, mountainview, "other" thinking the driving range should be visited,

Thanks to all for their birthday wishes,

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