Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My eyes are stinging after reading an anonymous blogger's blog who uses a black background and white font, which just kills my eyes...(Stafford)

Been a crazy 24 hours, after getting unpacked and washing my mtb I headed out to the tuesday nighter at 6:30, barely made it. The ride was good pretty relaxed just a hair over 28 kph average through Oro. Then coming back into town on ridge on a slight downhill, we were cooking along I think we even had a tailwind. I was at the back chatting with Jamie and i just heard that horrible noise of a crash ahead of us further up in the group. I didn't see it happen just saw the rider coming inside sliding on the ground his bike head to the left side into some oncoming cars, so I didn't go that way. Thought for sure I was done, I have really no idea how I made it through, I think I used the shoulder. Nigel was behind me and the hole quickly closed behind me and Nigel went down as well.

Not going to get into to many details, the rider was hurt bad, I called 911, we had some folks on the ride who knew exactly what to do, and the emergency services, fire, ambulances and police were there pretty fast.

Didn't really sleep too much last night and was up early. Had a ride set up with Peter for three stage, and thought for a second about calling it, but thought it would be good to clear my head. Met up at 10 with him and Matt F for a 3.5 hour tour/getting lost and riding in circles up there. Finished and beat the rain just in time. Quick refuel in Stanyer at Coffee Culture, and headed out just ahead of the storm.

Hoping for a full recovery for Dave and his family.

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