Saturday, May 29, 2010

HSB is throwing down

Yeah just stole that title from Ben, I should really just copy and paste his post here with a few slight changes.

Planned to get up early and be on site before the crowds to get some laps in, fail #1, I rolled in at 11:30. Got ready said my hello's and headed out, riding through the tight stuff early on, not really focusing on the task at hand and I clipped my bar on the left side, Going not slow I found myself in a heap on the ground. Awesome, bar was turned fixed that and returned to base for a little first aid, Thanks to Garreth for Cleaning me up and Rob for holding my hand all the way through it. And to Carter Meeuwisse for not taking no for an answer when I said I didn't need any first aid.

Round 2, remounted and headed out with Juice for a lap. Good riding, Zach's got things figured out I think, hit coffee run carrying a fair amount of speed again trying to slay some dragons, and into the downhill s turn, Bang off the bike caught by the fence if it wasn't there I would have ended up on the 6th line of Oro. I actually somehow managed to land on my feet so really I don't count that as a crash, Finished the lap hit the joyride ramp, glad I was hitting that place up all winter. Continued on with some intensity opening the legs up.

Interview with Matt P, who was busy all day,

So 11:30 am 5 laps, will be a long and hot one, finishing at 1:30,

I need more gauze.

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