Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog vacation

Not going to lie I’ve been taking it easy on the blog front, not that there hasn’t been anything to report but just a little time apart.

Currently sitting in the luxurious Norco team truck heading to the greater St Jovite area.

The trip out was good, I still had a bad grocery store bonk once we arrived, there was a danger of me losing it on Junior. Nothing a little store bought oven ready pizza can’t cure. And passing out at 7:30 not remembering going to bed. Woke up Friday refreshed feeling like a new man, headed down to the course after a leisurely morning at the ranch.

Course good, short, fast good “flow” Saturday was pretty much the same thing as last year tech guide says course is open till 11:00, but they still kick you off at 10:30.

Saturday afternoon was max chillage back at the ranch watched some battlestar educated our guests from the east and west on it, they re into it.

Sunday morning rolled down to the course early to make sure I was all dialed in, plate on tools in the pockets. all that good stuff.

Warmed up with Matt P, the weather was nice a hair over 15 degrees sunny and dry. Got lined up after the old 1 minutes till call up…for about 6 minutes until Raph got there. Good start got on Sontag’s wheel into the headwind campground start loop. Came by not to long after that into the first piece of singletrack. Popped out with a bit of a lead I think into the double track climb. Then into the next piece of singletrack I jitted out in a rut and heard what sounded like a grizzly bear coming out of the woods at me, sure enough Sneddon comes trucking by, he continued to kill it to finish off the lap.

Lap 2 Took back that lead and got another gap to Max, who closed that up over the course of that lap, by the end it was Max and I together, starting our best pass competition, kinda like zombie kill of the week. Im pretty sure I took that with a nice double consecutive apex inside passes on two juniors who were duelling.

Lap 3-6.5 Pretty much just weaving through people left right and center, started double and TRIPLE lapping people, most were nice and left some room on the wide stuff, a select few have no idea and try to ride you into trees twice. I eased up and took some wide lines seeing if Max would bite but he had his thinking cap on and we both knew he has a strong kick, If I played around Raph would have caught us, the ball was in my court to just stay at the front and try to Steve Prefontaine it, and hope I could wear him down. The course started to thin out a little with some of the junior girls finishing.

Lap 6.5-finish, Heard some clicking behind me on the third last climb tried to respond but legs were already cranked to 11, Max put in a solid 1 minute effort to get a gap which he was able to hold to the finish, turns out we both had issues with the finish, they tried to send him out for another lap and I followed the course the way it was marked for pre-riding, Went straight into some tape, course went left, I was super confused, thought somebody was messing with me.

good stuff, same place as last year but I’m pretty sure I had a better race this time around. Was never outside the top 2, Short race 1:40 ish so my legs didn’t get a chance to be too trashed.

Results and video interviews are up in cyberspace somewhere just use your google search bar. There doesn’t seem to be any wi fi out in the middle of nowhere quebec for me to post links.

Kevin is already giving me a hard time about this post being too long. Tremblant usually has some web surfing around so Im hoping for some more regular updates this week. I hate to say it but a 3g ipad wouild hit the spot for this stuff. Yeah I just said that.

pete and adam just showed up at the coffee shop time to socialize

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