Friday, May 7, 2010

back to spring

Sipping on some old espresso I brewed up on the stovetop, I just added fresh espresso to my grocery list.

Not much to report, Today was nice first time since I've been home to just relax and get rolling whenever. No schedule to stick too.

Yesterday I headed down to Woodbridge for my post euro debrief/lunch. Outta there at a good hour with some more clothing that I'll need in the coming weeks. Back home I was able to unpack (why i don't know) and clean up the garage a fair bit, still have tons of stuff to get rid off, tires, parts, that are about to go in the garbage.

One mission for today, register for the hardwood c-cup, I did the two quebec cups online, but eventsonline, didn't like my e-mail address and wouldn't let me register for HH. So I printed off my forms put my visa in my pocket and rode out.

I took the standard bicycle line into the parking lot off old Barrie road out there, just as Jay and Heather were pulling in, Jay called me a cutter, I responded with the usual it wasn't tapped off response, we are awaiting a UCI ruling on this. Got registered, was hoping to see Ben, he wasn't in apparently, sigh.

Ride home, as I was coming into town I thought for a sec that i hadn't loitered in the shop for a while, but then I could see the usual afternoon wall of black rolling in from the west so i just booked it home finishing off just as the rain started.

Reading that the course will be shut down as long as its raining on the weekend i e-mailed Matt P to see what that meant for the pre-ride with the pro's(I prefer elite's) This wasn't taken well and now we need to fight, the fight with Peter ended in a draw actually with Matt F taking the brunt of it on his knee. We'll see how the Watson vs. Paziuk fight goes.


嘉花 said...

Nice post ~ 3Q..............................................................

Vanderbike said...

Hello Andrew, I am saddened that you brushed off your "cut" into the parking lot so simply. I was forced, ethically forced to comment, please see my blog for full details. The vanmile.