Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12th edition

Just used my fingers to count the amount of times I’ve raced Tremblant, shudder. went well not as good as 99, but im pleased with the turnout.

The week was great, super quiet in the village actually it was a ghost town all week till Saturday. Did some good riding on the course with various other cyclists from around the country. Some power rangers even grabbed my wheel for a lap. Always nice riding with the next generation,

the weather all week was nothing short of amazing, crazy nice, I kept waking up and wondered how much Interwest paid for the weather. No wonder they are in debt.

So here goes its been a couple days since the race so the details may have faded a bit but basically here's the race.

Start: called up in the primo spot again Mike G said he walked the start and said there was a tractor path just out from the gate on the start line.

Start was good settled in a little more than last week even popped out of the top ten for a bit, realized my bars were wide when I got clipped by Sneddon I was like oh yeah I take up some real estate. Roddi2 took the lead for a while and Jette also made his way to the front along with the usual's. I went into the first piece of trail behind Cody and settled in there in a train with Jette leading. Made my way closer to the front as the lap went on third wheel I guess into the dh, Max and Jette were leading the way, Jette pulled off with bike trouble Max Raph and Myself hit the pavement with a small gap which quickly narrowed to nothing as nobody was pullng hard into town. I was on the front soft pedaling in the middle ring through the village, felt like a parade lap with 15 guys rolling through.

Lap deux: A few people came by but the pace stayed the same through the feedzone . When we hit the first singletrack I went to the front and cranked it up a few notches(ok it was to 11) to see what that would do, Got a gap Max and Raph were able to match the effort and the three of us again found ourselves in the same position as last weekend.

Lap3: our trio was still together and beginning to catch a lot of lapped traffic, I took the lead again and kept the pace high into the climb, Raph fell off a bit but was able to ride back on during the main decent as we started to hit really heavy traffic probably went passed 80% of all the lappers in one lap, good in a way as the course was clearer for the last two laps. Oh and they shortened the race by a full lap plus the course was much dryer and faster this year.

Lap 4: Max took over on the front and we started to gap raph again, for some reason it seemed like max was upping the pace gradually, I came the realization he was trying to shake me off using the old Pete Glassford attack style. The 2 stage climb turned into a ramp test, made it to the top but couldn’t get the legs to upshift fast enough the gap was there into the final lap.

Lap5: 20 minutes of pain left is what I told myself grabbing my last bottle form Kevin he said some encouraging words as usual, I could see Max close but far away at the same time. Kept on the gas, rode clean and smart the gap held over the top of the course and into the DH, really only one way I was going to win at that point. Hit the pavement check my tires one last time before the tech zone and started the bike path booking into town. Checked back a few times just to see if there was a group fast approaching. Passed Brendan he swore at me and said he hated me, yeah I know, got sprinted to the line by a junior ex rider he beat me, damn. Shaked big Max’s hand and cooled down.

Evening was spent watching the red bull descent, which turned into working as a wheel changer/tech guy at the exchange point. Good show good to see Mike G and Justin brown throw down, not going to say anything……not going to say anything……they killed it that’s all im saying. Nice evening with some hometown folks, and hit the hay and got rested up for the monster bike path/coffee shop ride sunday morning with Matt P and Juice. Who both had great races as well. The DH had many visitors to the trailer for some nice people watching as the village was insanely busy.

Weekend score sheet, Catherine rode a crazy smart race to win, Sue who was still changing diapers and feeder Alexa an hour before the race pulled out an impressive 8th, with Caroline in 9th, Zach improved on his last time out with a nice round 30th.

good trip with the Norco Team as always, Big thanks to Kevin H as always, and all our help John Hughes, and the vipond family.

Demo Yesterday in the Pet, better than ever, no bugs, massive BBQ feast after put on by Damien and his Wife from gearheads

good 2 hr ride in the trails today, kinda like buckwallow just a little more spread out over more land,

Booked it back and here I sit,

stayed tuned there may be a change afoot in my website address

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