Thursday, April 1, 2010

we'll see how good it is.

You know that saying drugs drugs drugs, some are good some are bad, starting to believe they are all bad. (except advil thats a gift from above) While waiting for the temperature to get to a nice high yesterday, I took the time to ignore Tammy's advice and pop my chloroquine.

Headed to midhurst, I was going to use a loop out there and do some race simulation. I not very good at this, but figure I need to get something like this done. After a couple good laps, the bike was flying up the hills, energy level started to drop, and started to feel a little funky. This on its own isn't really anything new. But usually once i shut it down I feel better, not this day, it was a struggle to get back to the car. I got off to jump over some fallen trees and just didn't bother getting back on, took me a minute to realize what am i doing, why am i walking. Totally stoned.

Called the doc, he said oh well that sucks try this other stuff.(which is another 100 bucks) Laid down and i was ko'd for the next few hours, woke up and felt better. Made some inquiries and looks like i was the only person on the project to even get a malaria rx. Live and learn. So thats enough of that. Im sure the doc was just being thorough but it looks like the risk is very low.

Today, I got the r-series beast all prepped put on the weapons, decided against the powertap, although a data geek, i just wanna giver, plus i've never had at my disposal a set of wheels that are actually under 2000g, so I'm going to run the da's and see what that's like. Took it out like that today to make sure the cassette and all was dialed in. Bike feels great, weight, my scales batt's died so im going to say somewhere between 15 and 20.

Legs on the other hand,and my HR was crazy low, feel a lot better than yesterday but we'll see. The key is going into it positive and fool my legs into feeling good, mind over matter type stuff.

Looks like a CX season reunion, Chown, Morse, Box, Fry flew in, heard he had to take a dog team to the sault. Anton the destroyer, the Jette, it will be nice just to see everyone again.

so, look for a post race debrief tomorrow evening. 4 months of no racing, looking forward to it....the post race report, not the actual race,

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