Tuesday, April 6, 2010

well i guess that its

FFH is packed, new OGIO bag is packed, apparently there is some nitro circus connection here.

Really trying pack lighter, im always bringing way to much stuff especially for a weekend trip like this.

The warm weather helps, Always seems like im packing for anything and everything going to Europe and Quebec.

No bicycle ride today, just lots of running around doing things i should have done the last couple weeks.

No laptop, another goal was to bring nothing that needs to be plugged in....brought my garmin but only for navigational purposes and hopefully won't need charging. Not sure what the interweb situation will be like, may be able to post a little something.

Good luck to all the people racing this weekend at the 13 events this sunday, ok 3, Bronte, Hell of the north(would have been my choice) and the Mansfield 50km.

"you'll be fine just drink only beer or rum"

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