Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since I left you I have been feeling a bit better, got out Tuesday evening for worlds. Sat in till the end but got shelled on the final KOM. Good group out, it was a chore to keep the pace under control, Im thinking come May these rides are going to get FAST. It seems to be the year of the bike, everytime I'm out riding around here i see a dozen others out too, great to see.

It was nice to get some fresh air and chat with some people. But on the return home i was still feeling rough. A few inter-national team facebook messages confirm most people came back with some sort of stomach bug.

Yesterday, I took the day to just relax and chill to the max, started my Anti biotics i had prescribed and they seem to be working.

Today I'm feeling much better, I'm getting my appetite back, and food has a taste again. Went for a ride down to a certain store that doesn't sell Norco, to arrange a transportation system for Sunday.

The twins have been training hard, though I haven't seen either of there names on the registration list so I'm wondering if this is just a big media ploy, kinda like new diamond shaped shreddies.

So Volcano's are pretty cool, I've always been interested by them. But thinking this one in Iceland is being kinda jerkish. I think Scotty and Dan are sitting in airports wondering how fast they would be able to swim to Belgium.

Hope to get some good miles in this weekend, in a cramming kind of way, hopefully we make it to the UK and europe.

Oh and apparently Peter G and myself need to have some words when I see him next, I've never fought anyone before but I'm confident as I think i have a solid 5 pounds on him.

K i need go, split some wood, run up some mountains with russians chasing me through the snow in a Mercedes and lift a net full of rocks in a barn.


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Matt Spak said...

I'm going to put my money on the guy that does burpes