Monday, April 5, 2010

two rides one bike

Slept in a bit this morning, I'm trying to get up earlier so the late tuesday night departure won't be too bad.

Took my time eating, reading and sending out an e-mail or two. Then packed up and headed to copeland for, well you know what for. Toured around rediscovering all the single track, well not all but a good chunk of it. Obviously hit the bermed dh, where of course there were guys on dh bikes walking up. A new log feature at the bottom which i made a last minute decision not to do on the M-Beast.

Washed the bike and mounted some new rubber, 2.1 small block 6's a little more aggresive than the 8's. Thought I should really do a good ride on these before I pack it to make sure they seal.

May do a AW LP how to lesson on how I go about this process, this is a very personally process, with many different approaches.

You have mail: almost like i willed it to happen got a message from Tristan Midhurst 7 pm. Perfect. Quick dinner, threw my free-ride jersey and helmet in the car and headed back out. Lizard, and the twins were waiting for me patiently after I had to make a detour around a crashed up Ferndale. Good ride with them, back to normal pace, stop chat, ride, stop, chat, admire the new bikes/new paint jobs. Ride, try to crash someone else out. Stop. Rode till 8:15 no lights, not too shabby.

I wished them luck this weekend at the mainsfield 50km, Tristan came back with you too, but remember if your not first your last.

"This year should be interesting, I just have to keep it straight......well a few turns here and there"

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