Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Euro Trip 2010 Day 1

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was put baking soda into vinegar and see it explode. If i could find an excuse to do that I was a happy camper.

Journey to the center of the earth by Jules Verne, good book, actually the characters enter the earth through a volcano in Iceland believe it or not.

Well my journey to the UK hasn't yet begun, I slept in this morning a bit and when I awoke sure enough canceled, can't say I was surprised, I wasn't even packed. Then a flurry of never ending e-mails and phone calls trying to sort stuff out. Luckily the cca travel agent and others were able to pull off some stuff and arrange for Amanda, Derek and myself to be booked on the same flight tomorrow at 18:15.

Scotty, and from what I gather Roddi II, are heading out tonight to Rome, Scott has arranged for an audience with his holiness to apologize for making fun of Bjork all these years.

Well Im all packed now, so I can just relax and get a ride in tomorrow. I think if we get bumped again were just going to try for Belgium early next week.

Doing some research I have gathered this Iceland volcano is a subglacial, Active, caused by divergent tectonic plates, on the reykjanes ridge. Its not all bad though Solar radiation decreases during major eruptions.


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Kyle Fry said...

well said, you sounded like a first year geologist there. i maybe would have added something about Iceland being the only place in the world where sea-floor spreading occurs above the ocean, but then again i am an honors student.