Sunday, April 11, 2010

quick post

had to beat up plaxton to use his computer,

5th place, very very happy with that, a lot of firsts in this race, country, A race early, wasn't sure how i'd go.

big thanks to my teamates, great group of people who truly are a team, havy, dan, scott, and scotty for their tireless support.

hurting a bit now, i think i have a touch of heatstroke,

home late monday, so look for a full post tuesday a.m. with pics,

a great trip to start off the season.

"who the hell is that short guy beside Wells"


Tristan Spurr said...

congrats Andrew and see you tomorrow night for some MNS action. Oh and will I be seeing a captain morgan link under the sponsor section?or did you drink the water?

jvk said...

Congrats. Looking sharp in that Team Canada kit kid.