Sunday, April 4, 2010

quantity of pictures=>temperature and UV index

Got up at dawn to eat some breaky before heading downtown for THE pancake ride. same place and time as a couple weeks ago, but much warmer, grabbed a quick americano at Casa and before long Jer and Tammy showed up, and about 18 people on cervelo's.

Got rolling at 8:31, new record for a barrie group ride only one minute behind. Eager, started telling Tammy about the ride home last night as they omitted the ride part of the night. As I was explaining the technical difficulties that we experienced very early into the ride, Tammy looks at me and says her shifter isn't working. So again 5 minutes in two people down as Jeremy and Tammy ride back to put a non frayed cable on her bike.

I thought i had a bit of a chase to get back to the group, but they were all stopped up the road. Rest of the ride out was good catching up with the rest of the Barrie bears. Got to shaws and then headed out solo for some more miles.

While out I think I saw every cyclist who owns a bike in simcoe county riding it, the twins would have had a field day out there. Met up with the Mark and Jamie on my way back in and rode with them for a bit, a few good (bad) friday stories.

In 93, stopped to say hi to my neighbor, he was having some blowout issues with his rear wheel, Gave him some new rim tape and I haven't heard any loud bangs yet so i think that worked. In exchange he let me sample some of his homemade cider, he said it was probably 8% i'm thinking well over 10.

April 4th 20 degrees(a sign later read 18) but close enough.

Trails went from snow covered to dry and dusty in 6 days,

Food, which helped negate the effects of the cider, and I was off with Starbuck for a walk, watched a bit of the Bear Creek Moto GP, No helmet guy was killing the other guy.

Whats the saying, if aliens came to this planet they'd think dogs ruled the planet.

No product placement here

A good weekend all around, last one till all the fun starts next weekend, will be my first time getting an armed escort to the venue. Unless you count Stu packing his knife.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see for myself if there is really to much snow in the copeland to ride.