Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pimp my ride Waubashene

Quick post before turning in for the night.

Headed up to the metropolis, village, corner of the waub, where we started the first quadannual fixie/pub ride,

rolled in to see Matts new toy, may have gotten a ribbing but in reality were all just jealous that he can just see something and decide to buy it. Myself i have my eye on a firebird with a big eagle on the front. joke was on him though as it appears there is no engine.

nice ride out, bad luck struck early and we lost two people to a flat tire. But we kept trucking, Im sure there will be other posts so i won't go into detail. It was a good ride, Culminated in what seemed like a tornado in victoria harbour.

Some adult beverages consumed good chats while waiting for the rain and wind to stop. Sure enough it did and we headed back on the wet, dark, very dark, rail trail, with control barriers that come up quick in pitch black. Random logs, and the highlight of the night was seeing a UFO, the naysayers called it a shooting star but it was unidentified and it was flying.

Tired, THE pancake ride is in the morning,

Good stuff all around,

quote of the day is from an M3 who has been away from road racing for a bit, but was in the thick of it at good friday.

"I remember when crashes were just bent cro-moly. Now everything explodes!"

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