Sunday, April 18, 2010

oh, how I love it so

One day a year and I get to race one point A to point B. That day was today.

Tammy and Jeremy got the place after getting a little lost, and we were loaded up in the van headed to the great Ancaster area.

Made it in lots of time to register, and drive the short way to the start line in Paris. Lots of time shortly became not much time, after some chatting, delivery/pickup of goods. Did manage to get about 8 minutes of warmup in, just rolled out the first 1km to see if there were any ginormous potholes.

Rolled.....oh wait, big thanks to the two wheel express gang for helping me out with zip ties that were more than 2 inches long...start line got called up along with some others including some of the 2010 cx worlds team, Irish national champ, and various usual shaddy suspects, Chown, Mike, Box, Mogg, juice, Stafford

Start, had a flash back as Adam Wade killed it off the front I thought it was 1998 for a sec. Onto the rail trail in good position Mogg took off with another guy who was in plain clothes not sure who it was. I fell back a little to far for comfort and made my way back to the front before the right hander climb. Two up and I was 3rd in line behind box and chown, it was just graded so it was super loose, we all got squirly and instead of running into Box and crashing in the sand(another flashback) I got off and hoofed it halfway up remounted and Didn't loose to many spots.

This is where things started to go south last year, I made the front group barely. Mogg was still off the front the other rider got gobbled up on the climb. Along with red, black and blue ranger, Carson, Tyson, Chown, Box and Stafford

Rolled around the next few km, a few rotations when the road was long enough, we weren't in a huge hurry to catch Peter, just always kept him in sight. Box was super strong anytime we hit a hard section, he would make it just that much harder. This literally separated the (old)men from the (u-23)boys. We shed two power rangers(Varga and Noble) Tyson, Carson, Stafford was able to hang on the longest.

Caught Peter as he took a wrong turn, so it was down to 5 on the front. Peter didn't stick around to long and attacked again immediately opening up a gap. 4 chasing, brought that back with some f-1 non yellow line rule complient lines. Next field section Mike powered up and I moved into 2nd and the group splintered. I bridged up to Mike on a short popper climb, while the others formed up a chase. Mike and I continued on, but my pulls got shorter and weaker. Just half a gear to hard. Hit the rail trail, took one good long hard pull and said have a good one, I was on the rivet and I really didn't want to shatter myself.

Box and Mogg rode up to me, and it was the 3 of us, with Mike powering up the railtrail.

The pace was perfect, we were able to maintain the gap but not really close it down. Got to a fallen tree that was across the trail at about neck height for me, I jumped off and ran under it, Mogg rode it somehow but Erik I think just looked at it and said frack.

Mogg and I it was, realized we were closer to the finish than i realized. Hit the first chute nailed it, just took a lucky line and got down it fast and safe. Got a gap on Peter.

Second chute didn't go as well started ok, but my front wheel found a nice perfect 700c diameter hole and I was tuck and rolling with my bike. Never really came to a stop it was pretty smooth.

Rode it into the finish, up the climb, the 36 small ring was nice on the climb, with no one back I was able to just relax.

oh boy, already long,

drive home conversation, wow this van can hold a lot of stuff, 1 minute later, oh theres tristan's subaru on the side of the 403.

long story short, picked up two more people and and a bike for the drive home.

oh so Tristan and Jacob, pulled of a 2:09:57 on a beach cruiser tandem, 135 ish overall super solid.

Dinner at Moxie's, where I had the best burger in the history of burgers. Actually I think everyone had an amazing meal.

Heathrow still closed.....stayed tuned

"Look at the sun its so pretty"

"your so pretty"

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