Friday, April 16, 2010

Just looking at satellite images hoping the jet stream shifts north of the UK.

Quick post, Health is 99%, stomach is feeling pretty solid again, I've gotten tons of sleep so if nothing else I'm rested. Have some of my taste buds back, I had a beer couldn't taste it, realized it was a Budweiser anyway.

I rebuilt the CCX with new cables, made my tire/wheel choice. Im rolling the dice and going tubular this year. It will be the last race for these tires, they've been a good two seasons on them, but its time. Threw some Stans in for good measure and also picked up one of those goopy/co2 combo's which I have yet to hear of a single success story using one but there's a first time for everything.

Got the car in for its annual pampering at Mazda, took advantage of my gold rewards card to get a service loaner, as I wanted to get some things done around town. They used to just give me the newest dirtiest sketchiest trade in, but this time a discount rental guy came and picked me up, brought me back to the office and set me up with a pontiac G6. He said its cheaper to pay for a rental than to have customers smashing up their cars. Fair enough, yeah im not buying another american car any time soon.

I'm forgetting something,

Looks like I have the trip dialed for sunday, no need to go back to the start line this year, I hired a sherpa to drive my car back to the finish line.

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