Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday Boy+ good friday UPDATED keep reading

Before I head out, I just wanted to make a special post to say happy birthday to Kevin Haviland, who i believe just turned 30.

Kevin is the man that keeps my bike tuned and my mind straight,

Happy Birthday Havy

Been looking forward to this for a while, a post race analysis and one sided perspective.

First I can't remember the last time all i needed to pack for a race was a jersey and shorts, and left the house in only shorts and t-shirt. Usually its rain jacket, leg and arm warmers, heat rub, booties, vest...touque, norco jacket, etc and thats not even cross season.

After getting through parking lot that was the QEW, avoiding the possibility of a public nudity charge i arrived, not one minute after the comments started flying, "Do you know how to use that thing" "The MTB trails are that way" "Be sure to run more than 25 psi in those tires" endless, even the OCA license check was a snap fest.

Did a Norco factory team / 3Rox warmup, where we both agreed that maybe a mtb ride would have been nicer today. While waiting to line up, got caught up with Cam, Mike, Tim, Erik, many familiar people. Unfortunately there was nasty crash at the end of the m2 race, nobody was getting up to fast so the start was pushed back to allow for the ambulances to get there. Hope everyone makes a full recovery.

Used the time to work on the tan lines and second guess our decisions to race. Got lined about an hour behind at 2:30 and with a shortened race under 100km now. May sound good but it really just meant it would be a little more aggressive and active right from the gun.

Lap 1 fairly uneventful, a few little attacks and there but nothing really sticking. Got my first look at the "drumlines" not huge but bigger than I thought to be honest. "Triple barrier coming up" I heard in my direction. Even though Box and Chown were the ones riding up the gravel.

Lap 2, a little split happened and I realized I was in the wind so I might as well move up while out there. Found myself at the front and kinda rode off the front into no mans land, looked back, nothing. And I knew I wasn't really killing it so hey why not, got in the drops, and rode up to the front group. I could hear the crackling of race radios, Yup before long it was all back together.

half a match burnt. The rest of that lap is a bit of a blur, but I think thats when a few ones and two's started going up the road and establishing a front group, which had both Jet Fuel, Louis and a few others represented. Randell was still in the main group.

Lap 3, is basically when Randell started trying to get across and everyone especially the jet fuel guys was having none of that. Randell, stuck it to everyone and guttered the entire length of brock? road, into a crosswind, single file death train, and by gutter i mean the yellow line. Basically it was ride over it and hide a bit, or stay in bounds and hang in the wind. Tough stretch.

Lap 4 Again a little hazy but I'm pretty sure this is when the main group split right down the middle. I was again in no mans land wondering if i should chase or settle back into the group assuming it would come back together. When Nathan and Randell came by they meant business and I got on that quick, that was my race right there. I made that key split, and a quick survey I realized a few people i was hoping to be in there weren't. Randell did his best to rally some people at the front, I came to giver so I made my way up and did my part along with Anton the destoryer, Kevin Davis, and Randell. i think it was lap 4. darn no it must have been 3. k disregard the lap count.

Lap 5, i don't think it ever came 100% back together, but most of the guys got caught and it was a flurry of attacks after. Randell basically attacked about 10 times in 5 minutes, before he was able to ride away on his own after tiring everyone else out. That was pretty much it. He rode across to the front group, and what was left of our group settled into a nice pace. Last few kms were pretty high, at that point I was content with were I was, and am aware of my sprinting ability rode in at the tail end of that group.

Overall, Team award goes to Jet Fuel, 1st and 3rd to show for it, Randell scored a very deserving 2nd.

Myself, I was prepared for anything from blown out the back 1st lap to just about how i did so I'm happy with that. I was able to respond to just about anything, most of all i only made one or two little tactical errors but otherwise rode a smart race. Legs were there for the full 2:20, yeah feel good heading into the MTB season. Most of all I had a blast, i don't think i have every enjoyed a road race so much,

tomorrow, not sure it will be up to the legs/8 ball.

p.s. for the power junkies still reading, i found my file for the Aurora grand prix from 2007, this is the middle bit, but you can see the kinds of repeated wattages you need to hit to just to hang on

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