Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you a history buff?

Made it to Belgium yesterday afternoon after the most stress free travel day ever, mainly cause Scott the fearless adventurer took our bikes across on the ferry, travelling with only a bag is 1000% nicer.

I loaded up with Kyle and DZ for the drive to Houffalize, while Dan took the rest in the van, we basically lost them about 1 km into the trip never to see them again until we arrived. Staying in a huge house, also the rest of the team hindered by the volcano made it, Sandra, Juice and Raph fresh off his world cup west win.

Took a tour of la roche on a food search didn’t find any but saw a American tank just sitting there. Kyle enlightened me to the fact that there was some serious ww2 battles that took place in this area.

Today(Wednesday) got up stole some food from Juice and headed to the grocery store. Got some eats back, changed and rode to the course with Kyle and Derek for a tour de Houffalize, after some inter-country help we found the altered course and turned a full lap with the three of us. Derek turned off and it was down to Kyle and me to dial it in. Good course, lots of steep climbing, there may or may not have been a Yeti sighting, came around a corner and saw someone wearing an Ontario team jersey. Said Peter should be around somewhere as well.

Some good descents as well, not a long course. Rode back out of the valley with Kyle, decided this was the life. Super sunny, warm, Belgium bike riding, food. chill.

Tough to type stuff out that may or may not make it to the interweb for days.

ouchy ouchy, so its thursday afternoon and im hurting after a nice bail on the semi sketchy rock thingy. Backing up a bit we headed down to the course at 11 to turn some laps with everyone. I headed out with Zach, Amanda and Sandra to ride the start climb and decent, the barb wire was still up yelled to Amanda just in time. Rode a pretty solid lap to get the feel for it, nailed the descents the first lap. Second lap I was a little more confident and entered the section like I was Shaun Palmer or something, thought I had it but I think the g-out at the bottom twisted my bar and hit the deck. Landed right on a rock with my left mid-back. I walked it off the best I could, decided I needed to slay the dragon then or I would be scared of it. Shortcut up to it and rode it solid one more time.

Opted to get a drive back from the course instead of ride with my back all bunged up. Now just driving to La roche in the ford to see if I can get some interweb to post this bad boy up. Just got a pic of Sir Bart riding down to la Roche.

Highlight of the day was explaining to Gunn-Rita where the course went, and her say frack theres a lot of climbing.

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