Thursday, March 18, 2010


Been getting back into the swing of summer in the metropolis that is Barrie. I hate to say it but Al gore just got a couple more points. I think he may have edged ahead of the non-climate change movement. Today was the earliest my knees have ever seen sun this side of the border. And I have the left knee of a 90 year old man and keep my knee warmers on longer than most.

Getting ahead of myself, with little sleep after the weekends journey home I wasted no time getting in some good long miles(sorry kilometers). Monday, tuesday details are escaping me but they were good, all the roads are in superb shape stopped in at the shops to say hello and to show off the new beast, well received at both shops maybe better at one than the other.

Yesterday I had plans to ride with another human being but was scared of his manliness and switched up my workouts. And found myself spinning my wheels in the afternoon doing powerstarts and stomps. New high max sprint, I can probably win a cadet road o-cup sprint now. (or was i getting ready for the all out sign sprints on the pancake ride...which is funny as i don't think there is a single sign between barrie to shaws.....)

Which brought me to today, got up as early as i could and hit the road to collingwood, and pretty river road. I'll spare the weather details, got asked 3 times in about 15 minutes how to get to blue mountain. I just pointed to my 2 o'clock and said its that big giant hill with ski runs on it.

The climb was nice as always, decent was also nice. I have gotten with the times and been doing a little logging on mapmyride, and thanks to a "jherbst1" I discovered a new route back from Creemore which is way nicer than the regular division to 9 route. Wish I could thank this anonymous mapmyrider, will make the brewery to brewery a lot nicer as well.

Heres the route

ChuckNorriscakes ride Sunday,

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Jacob said...

It's good to admit you were afraid....i still think i should have a link on your blog