Wednesday, March 24, 2010

what no lollipop?

The travel clinic visit was productive in that i can't lift either arm over my head. The address said penetangue road, turns out its on a sidestreet right across from mountainview. Lot was full, so i just parked in a dr. cameron's spot.

Got more shots than i thought i was getting, and even a prescription for anti malaria meds, i was joking when i said malaria yesterday. Overall i walked out of there somewhat nervous.

The weather did a 180 today so it was sunscreen instead of a buff over my face. Similar workout to yesterday but on the road bike, with power. I still rode by hr but it was good to get some reference points for when ill be without the powermeter for the coming weeks.

Luckily the road bike wasn't hard on the guns. Great workout, blew out lots of carbon, cobwebs, oxidation.

One more tough workout tomorrow on the rail trail,


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Tammy said...

careful with the malaria meds... they gave me wicked nightmares and also made me feel really drugged and spacey (more than usual ;-) May not be what you're goin' for, for Panams. I hear malaria's not so good either, though.