Friday, March 12, 2010

uber quiet

morning post, please don't fall out of your chairs. This place seems to be deserted, the quiet is deafening. Time really has no meaning here, in regards to bedtime or sleeping in,

The end days are hear with my departure from chez Benno tomorrow sometime looking at a sunday arrival home. Yesterday I took the juniors over to rocky bottom to the OCA training camp.The drive over was interested fully loaded van, then had to stop to buy the camp groceries for the next morning,the small fuel efficient engine was struggling a little bit driving into rocky bottom.Made it in one piece.

I walked in a thought it was my kind of place, no tv, no internet, no distractions. The youngins don't think so and I think I caught some of those looks that parents get when they drop their kids off at a summer camp they don't want to be at.

Its just another reminder of the positive changes going on in cycling in the province. not to use the "when i was a kid" line but yeah, there were never huge oca camps with 40+ kids and 10+ coaches when i was that age. I think Ontario cyclists are some of the best in the country and with camps and support like this is can only get better.

looks like there could be a little more rain today, but it is looking clearer, the st kitts guys left early to do their last ride as well.

gonna miss, the nice drivers, giant walmart, being in a house full of other cyclists so there is always someone to ride with, the ingles advantage, the beautiful glow of the nuclear powerplant on a foggy night.

looking forward to, being taken for walks by Starbuck, an early mtb riding season, tuesday night world road championships of Barrie,a pancake ride, swapping back to the Mazda,

getting a little long, i wish blogger had a word count then i could set a limit...oh I think I just had an idea.

"Hey Dan theres a mistake in your new magazine"
(I think 4 people yelled that at some point)

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jvk said...

Good times at chez Benno, good vibes.

Go get those UCI points.