Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You know the drill, two day recap of the events, The st kitts guys are all settled in and were getting along swell. Today we headed out in a big group with most heading to Clemson to hit up starbucks. I had some stomps and powerstarts to do and didn't want to be that guy on the ride so i peeled off on the 130. Actually i couldn't handle the taunting by the juniors. Good ride, the rain started to come down near the end, but I was good and warmed up by that time. I felt good at the end the legs really opened up finally after feeling a little flat.

Yesterday, I headed out to pickens to do some tempo after warming up with LB. Made it there made an awesome 40 kph 4 lane u-turn, and headed back but headed towards Clemson to get more time in. Finished the 90 minutes in time to look up and see juice coming up the hill, was a little tired so i didn't turn around, he would have just chirped me for being slow anyway.

A couple good dinners, some good tan lines, good times all around,

"too many to list"

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Matt Spak said...

You might want to get those legs fired up, sounds like the sprint lines are adding up for the pancake ride.