Wednesday, March 3, 2010

rough day

day 2 was much better than day 1, yesterday was what i would call the worst possible cycling conditions, 2 and wet/snow/wind, yeah good thing i brought my new minoura trainer with bar adjustable resistance. I wasn't really planning on doing much anyway. The juniors put in a good man-ride, not 400 range but solid 300 pointers, with Laura getting bonus points for not being a guy.

Today, i was awoke by this bright thing in the sky, looked familiar. Good eats, then off to do the "devils Staircase" ride, i forgot how long the climb is and how steep it gets. the entire ride went a little longer than i wanted but it was ok. they love there road salt down here, there was a solid layer on the roads up higher. had to rinse off the beast after the ride.

The beast, tightest, twitchiest, stiffest bike I have ridden. Very pleased but i do need to switch some stuff around, a carbon post i think would help.

poweragent went bluey on me and didn't save my ride, i was going to snip it and post it. shame.

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