Friday, March 19, 2010

Nice while it lasted

Today brings to an end the summer weather, apparently the mercury is going to drop this weekend. But the rain appears to be holding off.

Dual purpose for today's ride a) ride my bicycle b) scope out coulson hill for dampness ... c) work on my knee tan.

Riding out into the south I noticed a lot of dump sites on the sides of the roads, actually been noticing them a lot this week. Nothing new spring cleaning always brings spring roadside dumps, fun for the whole family. But the amount of stuff has risen I thought.

Continued on removed the warmers to let my knees breath again, made it to coulson rode into the first piece of single track, snow appears to be gone but just barely and the ground is still super soft. A little more time to dry out.

Turned north again as the wind really started to pick up, had the 45 degree lean on a few times, headed west towards Egbert to see what the government is cooking up on the hill. Wind was maxed out here, pushing tempo wattage going downhill at 22kph.

Home, chatted with neighbor about the weather and his choice of 404's.

Inside, got the scoop about the new dump tipping policy the city has put in place in February, eureka. We used to get 500kg free per year, now its 100, that explains all the dumping going on. That will teach Innisfil to reject Barrie's growth.

Sunday, 7 degrees and sun, Not sure we can call it the Chuck Norris pancake ride anymore.

should be a good weekend

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