Monday, March 8, 2010

a monday for the books

Onto an every other day post routine apparently, so as such i will hit the rewind button to yesterday.

The weather was seasonal, started out with the usual warming apparel. Headed out with Anton, DZ and the juniors, They were planning on doing the whitewater loop, but i had some 30/30's to do, i was able to get a nice 45+ mins in with them, making one wrong turn which caused a nice daiquiri break. Its been a while, actually since the "THE ride" that i have ridden with people so i was a little unsure of the pace and Anton was killing it right off the bat. I wasn't alone and we all came to the agreement that we would not want to race Anton on the road anytime soon.

I turned off in Salem and headed back doing the workout as planned, 2 sets, the second set went better than the first, not to surprised about that one.

Dinner, homemade burgers, I was in-charge of said burgers and grilling them, semi-epic fail, but salvageable.

Today was laid out in advance as a recovery/starbucks/chill/tanning ride. Started with telling Zach he wouldn't need a vest he argued and subsequently was a little overheated. Great ride into Clemson, LB and Zach me tricked into getting a scrumptious cinnamon roll. On the ride back there was some dreams of full zip jerseys. Ended up riding some of the St Kitts guys that are down for this week. Capped off the afternoon with some dock time, trying to bribe each other into the water, I finally caved for the grand sum of 5 greenbacks. But apparently it wasn't a real bet.

Pretty chilly not gonna lie it was hard to breath at first, but in man-ride tradition i did a backstroke, front crawl, and doggy paddle.

Dinner was a 3rox/Norco mission to Clemson to find the most legit mexican place we could find, wasn't as good as the west union place but it was still solid.

"click, click, click"

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