Friday, March 26, 2010

......... magazine day(this is a pg blog)

Lots to tell, not enough energy to type it all out, or am i just saving my energy for the Collingwood thing Tomorrow?

Workout yesterday went as planned kind of, I fiendishly devised a workout on the rail trail. Basically every time I had to slow down to cross a line, I would then accelerate to x hr before settling back down to tempo. I thought it would give me roughly equal parts on/off, since while riding it seems to take for ever to get to each line. I misjudged, while doing 40 the lines come up really fast.

Got home and called it a good 72 hours of intensity, legs agreed walking up the stairs. Arranged for some female assistance in the shopping department and headed to the upper Canada mall in Newmarket, puts the Georgian mall to shame really. Still found myself raiding the same stores, west 49 and sport check but way better selection. Yes there was some EMO pants tried on by mistake, they fit but didn't think it was really me. Nice evening/dinner out forgetting about cycling for a night.

First day off since getting back from Bens, so got some stuff done around here took the pup for a solid W.A.L.K. Before heading to Woodbridge to make all the guys at Norco stay late so I had the new bike all setup for this weekend. Salt of the earth those guys(and girls) Spent the evening measuring and dialing it in, still needs some work. May or may not be right at 21 lbs with a quick heavish tire and tube setup.

Here's a taste. In my mind the best new MTB innovation in the past 10 years.(maybe second to lightweight xc disc brakes)

10, need sleep, pretty river, Epping, back side of 19, scenic caves(last), in the morning.