Sunday, March 14, 2010

jet lag

Back home after a long drive yesterday. Took the super secret route home, saved a bit of time and distance. The drive was mostly uneventful, lots of rain which actually acted to keep me awake and focused on the task at hand.

Highlight came just after Erie heading towards Buffalo. Two solid lanes of traffic just cruising in the fog and rain, no one was going anywhere in a hurry. I was just about to move over into the right hand lane as I figured it would be the same anyway. When a guy in a Toyota started flashing his high beams. At first i thought he couldn't stop and he was warning me. Then i realized he was just an impatient something something. So i decided to sit tight and just follow the 200 cars in front of me. He did it a couple times more until he realized he wasn't going anywhere even if i did move. Got clear a few minutes later and he smoked by and put the hammer down. Sure enough 30 km down the road, he's pulled over by a state trooper. It took every ounce of my limited matureness not to flash my high beams as i went by.

Made it home, a shade under 16 hours, new PB, I think I can go sub 15. With some better stops and not getting stuck at the border.

Unloaded, piled my stuff in garage some of it on top of a bunch of big moving boxes, which i didn't really notice. Got to bed, woke up realized my watch and my cell phone were different immediately felt out of whack.

Wandered in to say hi to mom and noticed stuff in boxes and empty selves. Didn't take long to put 2 and 2 together and realize, in my 13 day absence, mom found a house bought it, and sold this house to my brother. lots of what?, when? how? wheres? later and things got cleared up with little to no swearing.

So, early June big move to Craighurst just west of Horseshoe Valley. Keeping with tradition, of never being to far from 400 i think i could hit it with a potato gun.

Great location for sure, I can be on trail in minutes, and my favorite roads are just outside the door. Big enough yard for two dogs, pool, walkout from the basement to the garage.

And not really a huge rush out the door in one day from here,

Gonna miss, the bluffs, street fights, proximity to Starbucks, finishing most rides up Mapleton,

Not gonna miss, finishing most rides up mapleton, The heavy traffic around town, driving to ride my MTB,

Hitting my word limit. Stay tuned I have a post that is long overdue in the works.

Oh yeah, ride today, legs good, it rained....

"Sir do you know how to use a pen?"

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