Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is that it? is it? well the muds are coming off

Today is Tuesday so by my calculation yesterday was Monday, that can only mean one thing trying my darnedest to stay of my bike to appease the cycling gods.

Afternoon was spent dialing in and torquing all the nuts and bolts down to spec on the FFH team bike. Air pressure, nice to have it on the side of the fork for reference. A call to the OCA re: my license which has pulled a Jimi Hoffa twice now.

After dinner I caved and packed up the bike and headed to Midhurst for a dusk ride. At the last second i second guess myself taking the beast and loaded up the bucket instead, oops, the trails were in mid summer shape dry as a bone, even the muddy corners that were never dry last summer were lacking moisture. Only had to use my light for the last 15 minutes or so.

This morning started with me setting up camp at the mailbox across the street. Still nothing, called down to the OCA and they were super helpful and agreed enough was enough and are printing a new license. They dispatched Brendan Arnold on his bmx bike to personally deliver it. So if you see an Australian dude riding up the 400 at 130 rpm, pass him some water and food. The first license and race plate was returned once already for my street name having an extra letter in it. resent on march 7th and has never been seen since. Not the OCA's fault, again salt of the earth, Nicky Pearson and Chris Baskys have both been super helpful.

Headed out on the beast for a shakedown ride, headed out through the simcoe county forrest, yeah muddy, but don't worry the damage i did compared to the trucks, atv's dirt bikes, and the 8 loads of garbage dumped in there was negligible. I almost used the sofa's to bypass the muddier spots.

Did some fiddling, then onto some gravel roads, bike feels pretty much the same as last years, imagine that, except for the fork, lockout is sooooooo nice, and the ergon grips are a little different.

Afternoon, washing all the bikes, except for the r-series bucket, that needs to stay dirty until the first Wednesday in may. And switched off the muds for the summer tires, oh and how sweet they are. The summer tires drive like they are made from a mixture of angel feathers, baby seal skin, polar bear tears, and butter. Compared to the snows.

The suns drying power was cranked to 11 this afternoon.

The new m-series beast

Bike wash party

Inside, an e-mail was awaiting me confirming an evening ride from downtown, quick dinner and downtown to meet Orrin for a nice ride out ridge and back. Legs feel good and recovered from last week, time to hurt them again.

Steady ride, well maybe slacked a bit at the end

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