Sunday, March 21, 2010

I lost

I am officially MNS's slowest eater, apparently i am horrible at eating my food in a timely fashion.

Now that i have cleared that up, I got ready for today's ride by doing a jaunt around town on my exc1 or xce1 or cex 1.... hitting up the various little city trails and green ways here and there. Sunnidale, bike path, bluffs, and of course to remind a few of the impending ride. I thought i would be a tough guy yesterday and forgo my booties bad call, and my feet were a little angry at me by the end.

But today was the big day, the (well,a) pancake ride, missed it the past couple years as it has been pushed back into April and race season. Well dusted off the facebooks account and got the MNS+ crew out to do the ride seeing as we all start racing soon and will miss THE pancake ride most likely.

I won't go into to many details as the usual suspects will probably all have good versions, unless they all write the same thing in which case I can describe in detail the happenings, just some highlights,

-Almost running over a running group who apparently felt like playing chicken with me on the bike path.

-The twins riding by yelling shake and bake 3 km out from Hawkstone only to get steamrolled by Brandon.

-Delicious, delicious, pancakes and sausage and coffee

rest day,

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