Saturday, March 27, 2010

hour of power

crunch time, one hour to type this up before powering everything down for 60 minutes, ok, ill even go the extra and say 65 minutes.

The day I had planned went well, Tristan couldn't make it, we missed him, especially Jacob, they are like milk and cookies those two. But in his place Lizard was there to keep us humble, I think she took every sign sprint and hilltop finish.

Pulled into the parking lot at blue pretty much right at 10, alongside the die hard skiers and boarders, exchanged weird looks with them as Matt and I got our bikes out and kitted up. Both thinking the other was crazy, actually the skiing would have been great today. But so was the riding, its all about choices.

Rolled out, I think I made a bet that on the other side of the escarpment it would be cold,cloudy and windy. As opposed to the sunny, clear, and balmy 5 degrees on this side.

First up after about 30 minutes pretty river road, Jacob and Matt stopped at the bottom to do some burpe's and lunges and various crossfit things, while I continued on with my prescribed workout, HR on the first one bumping it up over the course of the climb.

Matt and Jacob arrived shortly after and we carried on down 31, where i was quickly educated that just cause a road is highlighted in yellow doesn't mean its paved. But it was still 10 times smoother than most paved roads.

Fast decent into Kimberly, then up Epping, total hero climb, huge tailwind pushing an already fast climb, this time was starting hard and bringing it gradually back to tempo. you know what, ill put some charts up. speed blue, power yellow, hr red, torque pink,

Repeat, then again up the backside of 19, Tempo this time taking Jacob and Matt along for the ride. Down, then back up the super chill easy scenic caves road at the end of 4 hours.

here's just the interval for scenic caves, what caught my eye was the torque/speed relationship on the flat portion at the top.

Jacob proved whos TCR was fastest, stop at the top to take some shots and video's, testing road tires on a ski hill, prorace3 vs, conti something's the conti's won, better braking and steering.

you guessed it back down, through the euro roundabout, and to car. 110km, 5200 feet, not bad for flat Ontario. Calorie intake at the bull and beaver or beaver and beer can't remember the name.

Home, present from sibling, customized energy bars, can't wait to try em out. Usually I can guess just about any gift that is wrapped, had me guessing right to the end.

I think I surpassed my goal of one screen length of post.

"you want to turn around and chase that guy don't you"

"yes i do"

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