Saturday, March 6, 2010

day something

The warming trend culminated in a shorts and jersey ride today. Well at least i finished in that with my vest packed full of gloves, and knee/arm warmers.

yesterday, I just toured around here kinda sorta getting lost, but generally knew where i was and knew i would find my way out to a road i knew, found a gravel road climb, i swear i heard banjo music playing, went a little faster. Im sure you've heard all about the nice roads and weather down here from various other sources. So I won't go into that, but one more thing that makes this place great for cycling is the friendly drivers. Whenever i start out down this way the people waving at me and being patient always throws me for a loop. Takes me a few waves before i remember "oh yeah the drivers aren't all a bunch of bleeps down here"

Today, was some punishment on the 130, or whitewater climb. 6 on 6 off 6 times. Thought i would get to the other side. After over an hour of climbing still didn't get to the top of the climb, made it too North Carolina though. Lots of snow and pretty chilly almost had to pull my arm warmers up.

Semi-bonked by the time I got back to the house, Good stuff.

virtual applause to Jacob for almost pulling of a back flip, almost there.

The AW LP lawyers are in contact with cornering extraordinaire's lawyers regarding some blatent plagiarism. Even though it was encouraging.

"how many cyclists does it take to clean a vacuum cleaner?"

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