Thursday, March 4, 2010

day 3

Two days in a row now of nice weather, could be a trend. My bed is right under a window that gets the sun shining in the morning which I have discovered is a really nice way to wake up.

On tap for today was a mtb ride over to the isqua....i can't remember trails. I was able to convince Zach to come along and show me the way, and with his help was able to put together a nice 25 minutes lap that i did twice and a bit at race pace. Made myself hurt good on the climbs, which was strangely a nice sensation. After that i explored a little bit, didn't even scratch the surface i think. I had the gps on, but couldn't "acquire" any satellites. Nice riding, nothing gigantic (8th line type stuff for my oro area readers) in the way of climbs, one nice long gravel road climb which gave me flashbacks(nightmarish) to sea otter.

As is common, I have a tough time believing the weather when it comes to dressing at first down here and always over do it. Good warm weather training I tell myself.

Not sure if it will ever get posted but i've been selected to the pan am championships team, in Guatemala on april 11th, and then shortly after that I'll be heading to the first two world cups first one is, Dalby Forest in England and the second being the infamous Houffalize. Just recently i got the official invites so Im pretty excited about those races. Three new countries, three new courses, two new languages not to be able to speak. And a good chance for some good uci and world cup points.

Hopefully I'll still do Paris to Ancaster, the flight over is the day after. Mansfield is out but I should be back for the big Wednesday night winter bike showdown. Rest of the season through mid July should be pretty straight forward.

looking forward to the pancake ride/ 3 giants and a Norco showdown that i think will happen.

tomorrow, we'll see how the legs feel.


Matt Spak said...

Congrats on Pan Am and the 2 world cups. Make sure you save some legs for the important ride. Those 3 Giants are moving rather quickly

Vicki said...

HI Andrew

I'm a writer with Canadian Cycling Magazine - print and online. The mag is available as of this weekend and the site ( will launch this weekend). Anyway, can you drop me an email so I have your contact information. Interested in finding out more about your race schedule.