Sunday, March 28, 2010

before I get ahead of myself

First congrats to Sue for a 2:39 and new addition for a solid 2:20 at the around the bay run. Scary how much info you can gather on a person using their last name and the sportstat website.

For myself a little more coasting is in order. Up early to beat the rain that was supposed to start at 11(actual start time 5) also changed out the powermeter for a "DA" wheel in anticipation of rain and with it an 11-23.

Some others apparently had the same idea met up with O, Jherbst1, and F1 rush. Out ridge to Hawkstone, then up to 15/16 and back, pretty straight forward. Good conversation, wide range of topics, most good, some caught me off guard. Passed some runners way out near the 9th or 10th, one we saw three times, going out, coming back, and then again at the coffee shop. If it was an out and back she probably ran darn close to 42 km. Tristan i think i have a running partner for you.

Coffee at Casa, again more conversation of a secretive nature, Handshake, chanting, secret symbols, straight out of a Dan Brown novel.

Weather wise, looking up for the rest of the week until Guatemala where it will probably snow (advance apologies to the people of that country).

I'm sure I am forgetting something,

"I was sitting beside Oprah and some old guy who flew a plane" (old guy being Chuck Yeager)

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