Monday, February 8, 2010

you win this round monday

Thing in the morning went long enough to be annoying and a complete waste of time (and tax payers dollars) but short enough I was able to saddle up and head to horseshoe for a ski.

arrived in good time and headed out, thinking tuesday wednesday thoughts, but I couldn't trick my legs, arms, and coordination, and was left a shattered man on the side of the trail, with a bunch of school kids passing me.

So the idea of making up some Saturday hours today failed, I put up the good fight hoping I just needed to warm up, but it was not to be.

Drove home with my head down, think i only clipped two cars.

Took the lapdog for a walk, now just getting ready for the crazy party at liz's place tonight, Jeremy and Tammy are still out of town so its going to be nuts.

There also appears to be little white crystal structures in the weeks forecast, kinda forget what its called.

random item of the day, looks like m night is at it again, hope he can make up for the horror that was ...I can't even remember what it was called, the one with marky mark.

There also appears to be some one up-manship in ride toughness/epicness, I have not been called out in the matter and think it may be better that way.......unless I pull off something that's worth throwing my hat in the ring. Awenda in February.....

ok, so, i think thats it, gotta get the barrie-midland map out,

"Hey Lisa, looks I have to go out and shovel 12 feet of global warming"
Homer (simpson, not the Iliad guy)

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