Saturday, February 27, 2010

where to start

so last i left you, i was getting ready to get ready to head down to south carolina. The plan was to leave early in the morning at 5 pick up junior and be into the house in the late evening.

I think Napolean had a good saying about battle plans and how long they last.

Apparently the uci keeps tabs on joyride hot laps
sure enough within 24 hours I was informed i needed to have a medical exam, blood tests, urine something something, and an ecg...... all to be in to the UCI by the 15th of March.

Long story short i'm not leaving tomorrow morning. I'm really glad, A) i'm not already in the US and B) i'm not flying there.

Have to wait till Monday to get in to get the tests done, but should be able to be out of the country in the early afternoon. Missing one day, and getting in super early Tuesday morning.

so yeah, super stoked. I blame Tristan, and Jacob.

In other news, I got the CRR2(forthwith to called "the beast") setup with some of my 7800 stuff. First impressions are very good. Very light considering its $2500. There would be no problem getting it down to 15 lbs with this frameset.

Compared to the CCX that I've been riding its a lot twitchier, will get some getting used too. I look forward to riding down ceasers head on this baby, last time i was down there i was on a Roubaix which although is a really nice bike, needed a lot or brute force to get around those corners.

oh and we've gotten more snow in the past couple days than we got all winter even had to use the snowblower twice, which brings the total up to 4 times this year. And i have shovel elbow i think,

I'll have my portable computing device with me for updates so stay tuned, photos are possible however the internet is sometimes not up to snuff and if your caught uploading pics, you get thrown in the lake for taking up to much bandwith.

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Matt Spak said...

Don't go on a Jan Ulrich bender Sunday night.