Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Waiting to hear news of the duo and their ride. They may have pulled it off, though they did stop for lunch so that is a huge deduction.

My day, started with a snowshoe with the dog, shes doing pretty good in the deep stuff, kinda surprised. I think she may be able to make an appearance on an MNS. It was a good hour, mainly a warmup for workout number two that i had planned. Something I had been putting off a little as I was nervous. A 20 min power test. Cause if it didn't go well it would have been tough and I probably would have cracked mentally.

On the other hand I didn't have huge expectations, having not done a whole lot of intensity since getting the swine. But I had a number that i wanted to hit. Went way better than I expected, may or may not have set a new PB for an (indoor) 20 min effort. When I started i made the mistake of getting nervous where i was riding and paced it maybe a little to much.

But its February and I don't want to get ahead of myself. So good workout, good data to set up some intensity zones, and ill leave it at that.

Also did the test with my "non-mellow" playlist on the shuffle, basically the smash album and a few other high energy tunes. While watching the sprint races, a very fitting visual for what I was doing. Those skiers just giver, makes me never want to ski ever again. I can't imagine double polling for three hundred meters like that.

In other news, I see this has been updated on the Norco site so I guess I can announce it here some team news, first, I am riding for Norco for 2010, I know huge surprise.

Second a few equipment changes, After 3 years off of the most famous shocks in the world the team and myself will be on Rockshox for 2010. Looking forward to getting back on those.

I think the Norco brass are keeping their eye on the competition (Glassford) and have secured Ergon as the grips of choice this year, never tried them but not sure i've heard a bad thing about them to date.

All the team sponsors can be seen here I'll also be updating my own page soon to reflect to same.

Trying to keep these posts short so ill leave it there for now.


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