Thursday, February 25, 2010


After some good eats this morning, I got to work cleaning and organizing the garage, so that when I get home its all ready to go. Then packed my bag for the bike park, and being the eager organized person i am, thought i would get out early and shovel the driveway, and get the cars moved around and my stuff all loaded up before the man-twins showed up. Sure enough they had the same thoughts and arrived about 30 minutes early. geeez.

Got down to Woodbridge, solved the worlds problems, though it appears Havy skipped the weekly Vaughn mills lunch trip to make sure i was all set up for the road. need to bring home some hardware to make up for it.

To the park, just after opening brought the road bike in just to be safe, I'm sure it would have been fine in the car, but having it in my possession for less than an hour I thought it would be safer inside.

Sticking with tradition, the foam pit was the first stop. good times, I have the "not clipped in use the arch or your feet roll in" perfected. jacob had some good and by good i mean sketchy runs. (there may be a video or two appear)

Turned some laps of the xc course, Mark came over and egged me on for a timed run, I've done a few informal timed hot laps but not an official one. Got warmed up, decided not to take the "unlimited" line and stuck to the set out course. 2:06 and change. I'm told thats good.

the expert skinnys are well underway and are very challenging and a little riskier. I stuck to the less sketchy ones. But i really want to get onto some of the other ones, but would be more comfortable on flat pedals and soft shoes.

Jacob was the first to call it a night, followed by myself, Tristan takes the prize for last one to tap out.

busy, snowy drive home, unloaded, brought my bike downstairs, and placed it upside down on the floor, yeah, can't trust anyone these days.

"no transfers"
(One less way for 11 year olds to show me up)


olos said...

Check it out.

Haydn said...

Dang now I have to do work when I get home haha oh well..