Tuesday, February 23, 2010


monday, afternoon was spent at the OPP detachment in midland. No i wasn't arrested. It was another rural road safety meeting. The BCC is invloved and Robb(president) couldn't make it, something about sliding down mountains on sticks. I sat in, and was very uncomfortable sitting between two officers for some reason.

Good meeting concise on point a little less drift than the previous.

Home eats then loaded up the dog for her first and last MNS snowshoe of the year. Its been pretty much one year to the day she went under the knife. And luckily we didn't have to pull a danny williams and take her to Florida.....zing.

She went nuts when she realized i wasn't taking her to the pound. The snowshoe consisted of her killing it at the front with Liz then coming back and tripping Tristan Jacob and me and then going back to the front. I expected her to be walking on three legs for a week after that but today she seems fine, maybe it just takes a year to really get back to 95%.

Today, back hitting the bricks the bricks being more intervals on the rollers, Same duration same wattage, just more of them than last time. The term vomit machine coined by another blogger was very accurate after the 5th interval and just before the 6th, yeah, ill spare you the details. Think i ate a little to close to the workout. On the plus side legs felt great hr was good and stable.

Forgot to change up the playlist on the shuffle stuck on mellow, visual distraction was ski jumping and skier cross.

Couple more days then to the sunny, kinda, hopefully South.

Want to get one more good ski in.

I think thats it.

"And i'm sure my cycling friend always has a bell on his bike?"
OPP officer
"Of course"

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