Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some changes

Been doing some maintenance on the blog, I have listed last seasons results in a couple pages, then just linked to that to free up some space. Jared Stafford's blog has been added, as well as my name has been removed from the notice board, Sam's is still on there. Keep an eye out for some new picture to make there way onto the collage at the top.

Today good, tempo on rollers, its really easy to get on them and do some good workouts when I know they will be my last ones this winter.

Visual distraction the xc ski relay, audio, thanks to Jared, I reminded myself to re sync to not mellow tunes.

Workout went well two long intervals, At the end I think i was underestimating my tempo power zone by about 5-10 percent. Will adjust in future.

Finally learned how to take screenshots and add captions to them, may see some power/hr graphs and such popping up here.

Warmed up on snow today, starbuck made freinds with a german sheppard whos owner must not have seen the no smoking sign into the bluffs, but it was weed so thats ok.

Beast pickup tomorrow, followed by joyride, all about two birds one stone.

(please note that when i say bucket or beast it has nothing to do with the bike, Some may think i`m badmouthing my bikes, i`m not at all)

grammer bad, know I

``Flickr Uploadr makes me want to punch someone. Why do I keep falling for it? Just lost a batch of annotated/tagged/titled photos.``


Jacob said...

Chuck Norris can kill 2 stones with one bird

jvk said...

I knew that 'The Littlest Hobo' would eventually follow the wrong path.