Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Tired, started the day with dragging myself out of bed. Backing up yesterday was active recovery and by active recovery I mean slaving over a hot stove all day making some wicked meatballs. Actually they were overcooked and dry, but I think the recipe is good. Friends said they were great, I think they lied to me. Meatballs were for a potluck celebrating Tammy's 13th anniversary of her 20th birthday. Good stuff, many good quote of the days which i can't repeat here. Home in good time but i just couldn't get to sleep, not sure if i even got 3 hours. I think someone spiked the stuffed olives.

So waking up was an ordeal but i needed to stick to the plan. First big hiccup i was out of coffee, well real coffee, there was some pre ground maxwell house but i think it has as much caffeine as water. So that sucked. Finally got rolling, heading out onto Jamie's hilly route. again i have uploaded the route and such, but highlights include, stopping to help some guys who ditched there mazda at bass lake and the 5th. As I rolled up I noticed they were rolling on some low profile high performance tires. Standing around in some designer board wear, When they said they weren't from around here, I was so close to saying no s#%t. There was no pushing that car out and i'm pretty sure he had an app for caa so i continued on my way. A little further down the road passing about 15 people looking lost walking down the road carrying snowshoes. Was tempted to give them liz's number.

Further north, snowmobiles seemed to jump out from nowhere at great frequency. I thought to myself they are like deer and i was waiting to hit one. I am not surprised at all with the amount of serious snowmobile collisions that happen with these people.

Hit the hills, cursed Jamie's name at the top of each one. Thinking man this is a hilly ride. Coming back up the 10th towards old barrie had a LA boone experience where it was just so hard to sit down and i just kept accelerating out of the saddle, that stretch of road is just so nice.

made it home before dark barely.

the tally,

Time points full credit +300
Above freezing temperatures sun burn on cheeks and all around awesome day -10(would have been more but it was still windy)
Climbing bonuses, 3500ft, lots of climbs in short succession finished on Mapleton, +15
Stopping to push car out of ditch +5
Completely self contained with no stops +10
Sketchy roads, ingram, bass lake, 10th +5
total 325

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for hilly ride<

Not sure what will happen tomorrow the plan I had sounded a lot better in my head on Friday night. Stay tuned.

p.s. whiteout is a horrible movie,

"Does anyone know a catholic priest?"

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