Sunday, February 14, 2010

rule #32: Enjoy the little things,

Pulling the plug for a couple days, yesterday I headed out on the bike with high expectations, preview of the hilly ride, again things just weren't firing properly. It wasn't just one thing everything was about 75% just like the opening ceremonies. Still did close to 3 hours, but didn't get what I wanted to do in. Though getting a cowbell rung out a window on my way up Ferndale (notice i say ferndale not mapleton) picked me up a bit, at the end of the ride.

I was hoping to get closer to my departure date to take a little time easy but, can't fight what the body is telling me. Considering I couldn't do an hour of endurance to save my life three weeks ago, I can't get to greedy now.

Couple days just chill, right now i don't think it will be a full week.

This morning I woke up and got to work oiling and cleaning my rifle for my annual cupid hunt. Almost got the little fracker last year just clipped his wing. I was pretty determined to get him in my sights this year. But an unexpected text gave him a reprieve at least for this year. Locked up the gun and took Starbuck out for a hike.

Got a hold of a copy of Zombieland, still awesome on dvd,

Now, just relaxing switching between the spring olympics and the 500,

Southland trip has been extended by a week, solid, though I think the weather may be nicer here, we'll see.

"Oh, you almost knocked over your alcohol with your knife"

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