Saturday, February 6, 2010

As promised

Going back a couple days now, but Wednesday was spent pedaling in smooth perfect(that was the goal at least) circles while going nowhere. Long stretch session after full toe touch now.

Thursday road ride, sunny, warm, nice......yeah sunny skies clear roads = road ride. Its tough sometimes as it also makes for some great skate skiing too. But if i can ride i will. Also as much as I love skiing and x training, nothing passes the time like a bike ride through the country side. Energy level was good on the ride, no bonking on this ride, but the legs were feeling heavy from days before. I kept the rpm higher to try and kept in at bay.

Which changed my plans for friday, was going to get out for a ride, but just did a short spin on the rollers, and hike with the k-9. A short rest and we were in the barrie-joyride official shuttle bus. Tristan, Matt and I opted for evening visit this time around. Rolled in for 7 and had 3 hours of anything and everything. I got into the spirit lowered my saddle and just played around. The foam pit is where I spent a lot of my time. Perfecting my seat grab, and getting darn close to sticking a 360. Then onto some skinnies, where I saw an xtr rear derailleur get destroyed, it was a sad sight.

Did a hot lap of the xc loop, time is confidential pending drug test. Still not bored of that place, Could have stayed till midnight but something about employees wanting to go home to bed.

On the way home we stopped at a tims, and were genuinely entertained by the service and other patrons,highlights include a story of a 12 year girl not wanting to run laps in gym class and wanting her lawyer to sue her gym teacher, again I could have stayed there all night but they left so we also hit the road.

Today I hit the snowshoes in the bluffs, nothing to exciting just keeping the hr in the zone and going up an down as many hills as possible in the time prescribed.

Backs a little sore, something about landing in weird position's in the foam pit.

I know i am forgetting stuff, but thats what I have for you at the moment.

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Haydn said...

whats your time chump!!??