Tuesday, February 2, 2010

need to clear something up

The last paragraph at the bottom of my last post was the quote of the day, this caused much confusion when I didn't say that, my apologizes.

Back to other things, another day in paradise, well Oro. My alarm clock, was apparently turned off so i ended up sleeping a little later than planned but, no matter, intake of calories, packed and I was off again to the motherland that is the Horseshoe valley. I had a car full of toys, but started off with the classic skis, for a tour north to the highway then looping back via the ganny hiking trail back to the groomed trails. I found the best conditions for the waxless wonders today, man-made trackset, -3 and there was probably a humidity factor which i don't know, but they were hooking up as well as a nice pair of small blocks.

Switched off after 75 minutes to the skates, and headed south out of the valley to meadow-lands...sorry I mean the farm loop. The sun was shining I probably got a sunburn, it was crowded like meadow-lands use to be that's for sure. People coming out of the woodwork it seemed. I could have stayed up there till closing time but my h20 based drink was running low so I headed back to the car for a feed, before doing the west trails, and to my pleasant surprise they added a new 700m loop and it looks like another trail or two may be going in. Finished up with 150 minutes of skating, and was able to keep my Finnish friend from yelling too much.

Home, checked the oscar nods, 10 pictures nominated for best film. I have very unpopular views of the who will win so ill keep most of my comments to myself, as long as Waltz wins for best supporting male, then all is not lost.

Plans for tomorrow will be weather dependent, if the weatherman is right then it will be another snow day, if not.....

Also looks like another assault on the park will happen before weeks end.

todays quote of the day, best response i heard asking if Thomson seatposts are as good as sliced bread.

"The Egyptian pharoahs were buried with all of their treasures, to use in the afterlife. I'm getting buried with my Thomson posts...just in case the great LBS in the sky doesn't carry them." Pizza Royale

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