Tuesday, February 9, 2010

late afternoon post

Posting a little earlier today, why? I don't know, because I can. Got a problem with that, do you? sorry I think we got off on the wrong foot. Shorter ride today, and i have finished uploading, downloading, configuring all my polar and garmin stuff. I've been using the online garmin connect tool instead of the stock software, I find it a lot easier to deal with and has a lot more to it.

Just charging up the watch and ipod now, I've had this shuffle since November, 07 I remember just cause i won it at the superfly cross race at Albion. Probably the best most used prize i have ever received. I was thinking of replacing it with a new smaller model, but then i asked why? couldn't think of one, but now it seems to not be able to hold a charge for an entire ride or ski anymore. On the bright side, I get this good feeling when I ride something into the ground, to know that I used it to the bitter end. My 8 year old northwave road shoes are in the same boat, those things have i don't even want to know how many miles on them. The new shimano r..something something shoes are pretty sweet though, super comfy already and almost a pound lighter, and way stiffer. Who new there were shoe technology advances in the past 8 years?

Bottom line, I like using things till they are broken, except maybe on the race bike, that's a case of insurance, but day to day stuff if it aint broke...im a bad consumer, I'm sorry Canadian economy.

ride of the day was a tempo workout, first intentional one in a while. Choose the rolling ridge road, which although rough allows for a nice 45 min warm up to the stop sign at the 2nd and some undulations to keep the workout dynamic. Went well, started in the low end and built into each of the two intervals, riding the bucket so no power, just feel and hr, which lined up pretty well today. As long as they are on the shorter side I have enough confidence in feeling to do them, anything longer or harder threshold stuff I tend to use power if possible.

Roads were quiet which was nice, only downside was my bottles pretty completely freezing.

Good quality ride, it was chilly, but with the low miles and low volume, I will not be submitting this ride for consideration. By all appearances Tristan has the belt(or bragging rights) currently.

The new beast has been ordered and should be on the way, hopefully in time for my southland trip.

Haydn, if you've read this far, no worries your time is safe, it wasn't even a sub 2:10

k, getting a little long, tomorrow endurance with my Finnish friend, weather will decide what sport(s).

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