Tuesday, February 16, 2010

have you ever seen that episode of friends

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Today, I knew I would get a good ride in but didn't think it would be a contender. Before heading out I "sync" ed my shuffle with a mellow playlist to match the endurance ride, sometimes those non mellow songs get me going to much. Basically this included about 90% of the miami vice soundtrack and many tracks from my John Frusciante collection.

Ride started out well, the sun was even shining a bit, the roads were good at least to start. route is posted so i won't go into details. The manly ride really kicked in the further north I went, hit some dodgy section heading up the 2nd and 1st, on the 26mm slicks. The bike was started to ice up nicely as well. Bass lake sideroad was interesting, had a couple one foot out moments. Thought I needed to really seal the deal and went all the way up to Horseshoe and crossed on highland to the 4th. After that it brings me to the title, that episode when monica gets stung by the jellyfish, yeah, but the jellyfish was ice and my cassette was her leg and skipping 8 ways from sunday. Gotta do what you gotta do. 2 km south and the roads were clear and dry, good ride all round.

So i am hereby submitting this. 4 hours, 100km, 2700 feet of climbing, sketchy roads finished with the steepest climb, and had to get creative to de-ice my cassette. Though I will openly admit it was hovering around the zero mark with little to no wind.

Jacob and Tristan will be taking a crack at it tomorrow, we'll see. I totally expect to loose my place in short order, but this was definitely good enough for the small final.

Olympics good, another gold medal, good stuff.

"Next to a battle lost, the greatest misery is a battle gained."
Duke of Wellington

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