Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010

Gonna try to keep things short and sweet. Yes I have lost my place in the hotseat. The dynamic duo of Jacob and Tristan, who pulled out a ride that makes Chuck Norris look soft. You can read their respective blogs for the details, after some points system negotiations the standings are AWI(note AWI is changing to a limited partnership and will reflect that soon) 260 points, Man ride productions inc. 436 points. It may be over, but im still going to put in one more (winter) ride to see what i can get. Very similar to going up against Shaun White at this point.

Starbucks, then staples to pick up a new sharpie pen, its pretty sweet, way better than the classic bic, except it doesn't fit behind my ear very well.

Then down to the AW L.P. roller room for some sub-threshold intervals. I was flexible on the day depending on how the legs felt after the test yesterday. The legs felt good, so hurty things were in order. 4 intervals, first two went well, 3rd was really good, had to talk myself down a little partway through. Good workout.

Probably going to jinx this but the next 5 days look great for riding not on the rollers. It will be nice getting down south with some good miles in the legs.

"stokededer" if its not a word it is now

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