Wednesday, February 10, 2010

donkey kong

Cough Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Skate ski

CoughGarmin Connect - Activity Details for Classic ski

Pardon me, I just needed to clear that up. Good endurance day today, after consuming lots o food and coffee i headed to starbucks, walmart location, many short conversations, bcc, mcc, top secret down low provincials location that was announced, bmx/dirtjump bikes, road bikes, how crappy the skiing would be(it wasn't). etc.

Got to horseshoe with lots of time to get a dual classic/skate skis in. First the classic sticks came out, the fresh snow worked well with the waxless and I was able to get some good "kick" out of them. As you can tell from the map, i ended up doing an out and back, this wasn't the plan. I headed to the pond lookout on the bc trail, but decided it wasn't backcountry enough so i just kept heading north, the bush got kinda thick and I ended up following a game trail hoping a) not to get mowed down by bambi, and b) not to be confused for bambi by an oro couger. I came out to a clearing with a stream running through it, and the stream which was iced over was the only real way out. Made it a few feet before getting a funny feeling the ice was a little less than thick enough, jumped to safety just in time. I really only would have gotten my feet wet, but it still would have sucked. I then removed the skis to jump another stream and return via the bread crumb trail, defeated.

Headed to the west trails and did the new loop and climb up to the top of katies loop, good stuff, back down and to the car for a change of equipment and bottles.

Then headed to the south trails and the farm loop, it had stopped snowing and the sun was coming out, it was kinda like skating on angel feathers, very nice on the joints. Did 4? ish loops of the farm loop then back to the car to sign out and get changed. I noticed a opp cruiser beside a school bus in the parking lot, didn't think much of it, then when I looked again there was another cruiser, by the time i left there were three cruisers, a bus load of kids, and some older people looking kinda pissed of, thinking some school kids may be in trouble when they get home.

home, food, watched 24 on rod, now that "Vlad" has been killed off, I have no reason to watch, I was hoping for a Callum Keith Rennie and Katie Sackoff scene, though i think he must be tired of getting stabbed.

Lost, yeah, Thought they were trying to wrap the show up not make it more complex, but its all good.

Weather is looking good, hoping to do "Jamie's hilly ride" sometime soon, not long but basically head out and do the biggest climbs in oro, and curse jamie's name while doing it.

All in training for the Awenda man-ride, I have a date on my calender all penciled in for it.

Bowling tournament tomorrow, i hear there is a 50 dollar top prize.

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