Monday, February 1, 2010

Does anyone have a chain in their car

First on the docket was a roller workout in the am, to get the legs going, spin ups for a warmup followed by a fastpedal then into some single leg intervals. Legs didn't feel half bad after the hilly snowshoe the day before. Maybe I'm getting back into shape? But it is a monday and to do to much on a monday is a cyclists version of eating meat on a friday(you know what i mean)

Though I did do a solid hour of stretching and contorting my body in uncomfortable ways. I can almost touch my toes, those hamstrings are getting loose.

After multiple calorie intake sessions I was off to meet up with the true MNS brethren none of this sunday afternoon business. Apparently it is becoming the MNS no tech gear allowed something, Jacob matched my plaid jacket and raised me jeans. damn.

This is about when things started sliding sideways, Tristan roles in and drives straight into a snowbank. I had flashbacks of the new mazda almost being smoked by a certain pontiac on a monday night, I really think im going to start parking somewhere else and hiking to the start point.

Then new addition roles by and im like "Hey there's Krista.....and she's stuck in the ditch". Utilizing snowshoes, a toy shovel(don't ask), a chain(don't ask) we had her out in no time. Blame was naturally dished out to Tammy and Jeremy.

Didn't waste any time and we were hitting the hills beside hardwoods hills. I always get crazy turned around in there but luckily some of us have the ability to navigate at night. After some good tree tipping, we arrived back at the cars for usual smack talk.

"I saw a guy in the middle of the road walking in circles.As I got closer I saw his car on it's roof in a swamp, road up to him asked if he was alright he said ya and was on the phone to someone so I continued on my way after all I didn't want my heart rate to drop."

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Zach Winn said...

I like how you refer to eating as calorie intake sessions.